Young scientists of Neerja Modi School

Neerja Modi School helped these youngsters learn a lot more about science not by books but by practicals. As they experimented with various fun science facts, they learnt new things. Here’s how.



Science, when not understood well, is a magic; the essence lies in its logic. To make the students understand these logics and have practical understanding of science, Neerja Modi School organised a science experiment week recently where the students of classes 3 and 4 made different models, experimenting with various theories of science.

The models ranged from water tank displaying water being pumped, pieces of paper getting attracted towards charged material, change in colours being added to toned milk, etc. Not only did they display their models and experiments but also explained it all to the visitors.

Adding yet another more to their knowledge, the school also took class 3 students on a field trip to Technology Park, where the students learnt about various kinds of houses that are built as per the climatic conditions using different techniques.

Credits: Neerja Modi School



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