Post-pandemic: Embracing Well-being in India’s Schools with My Guide Inside



My Guide Inside (MGI is a three-part, comprehensive, story-based well-being curriculum; it brings out the best in all learners. Students and adults who learn they operate from the inside-out report My Guide Inside principles change their lives. MGI Online classroom learning platform is created locally for Indian children and youth.

The History of MGI

The pandemic ended the trajectory of our education “world.” Full stop. We had completed My Guide Inside (MGI) classroom pilots but school abruptly pivoted to online and plans to implement MGI halted. 

Silver Linings for MGI


Worldwide we became comfortable with Zoom and discovered that one’s humanity comes through. We met colleagues in the global community and confirmed MGI is a universal curriculum—beyond beliefs and culture. It became apparent that students were struggling to be isolated while learning online. In support of their well-being, we created Video on Demand (VoD) to enhance the MGI chapters. Now we see that VoD also supports English Language Learners. We had completed My Guide Inside face-face professional development series. Now we shifted the MGI series to be self-study online with opportunity for group discussions– accessible for free in any global community. Educators benefit from this professional learning and as a result are able live, learn and confidently share these profound MGI lessons.

3 Year Official Focus Group Report

MGI students from 2018 and 2021 were asked about MGI and a report was prepared. This report provides hope that there is a path to well-being even in challenging times.

Bonnie states, “The MGI principles are so universal and definitely ingrained just in a way that I live my life that, I almost don’t even need to go back and reflect specifically because it’s something that applies to every aspect of my reality.”

Lina states, “I think something I realized for myself during the pandemic is I gained focus… I think some other people I know and I care about deeply might not have had that same shift of focus … which I fully understand, and I have compassion for as they might not have had the same education as I had through My Guide Inside, so I’m very grateful…”


Connection with India

It’s always an honor to connect with Sandeep Dutt, Founder of Learning Forward India Foundation and the Good Schools Alliance (GSA). (Sandeep, Sir, and I met through HundrED, a global education innovation organization.) There’s an understanding that well-being is a foundation for success in all life’s domains. MGI is a GSA learning partner. We conducted our first online MGI professional development series with GSA educators. 

Sukhpreet states, “I learned about consciousness. That is the biggest thing which I now am able to relate everything to when I’m teaching; I can help my students. This self-realization and again the discussions we had were wonderful … that’s the beauty of the MGI sessions.”

After meeting with local advisor, Jugjiv Singh, we determined to create MGI Online with Hindi vocabulary. MGI Online I, II, III for young kids, kids, and teens were expertly created by Jishnu Gupta and Supratim Kar at edTreeThe pilot for MGI Online Book III with GSA student interns proved to be a rich ground for learning and sharing the MGI principles. The youth determined to continue! They showed tremendous leadership and became MGI student mentors in their school’s Life Skills 4 and Life Skills 9 courses. 

Yashraj states, “I love these MGI sessions … What I have gathered from all of this is not dwelling in the past and that mind thought, and consciousness makes our reality, which we face now. His parents note, “Yashraj has been able to articulate his ideas in a more effective manner and proving to be a better orator with each passing day. His pressure handling skills have remarkably improved. We are seeing a paradigm shift in his approach towards day-to-day activities. This MGI program has been an excellent blend of cross-cultural learnings which are beyond local boundaries.”


Globally, and significantly in India, we are seeing the focus on well-being is necessary for our children and youth to experience success, especially post-pandemic. MGI Online principles align with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2023: Well-being of individuals remains crucial for success in all aspects of life. 

My Guide Inside principles benefit learners: mentally, behaviorally, academically, and socially. MGI is not prescriptive, it is descriptive, empowering youth “inside-out.” MGI principle-based “understanding” is a solid foundation for navigating our rather complex, beautiful world. 

Authored By- 
Christa Campsall, 
Co-Author, My Guide Inside



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