Sharing the spotlight: When parent and child take board exams together



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Board examinations are a kind of pressure cooker that often isolates kids and forces them to fight anxiety and expectations on their own. But picture yourself starting this important journey with your own parents, both of you aiming for academic success. This unconventional path, where parent and child become fellow students, unfolds a captivating narrative of shared aspirations, mutual support, and an inspiring exchange of motivation.

A Symphony of Support: Parent and Child, Hand in Hand

Consider the board exam season as a collaborative experience rather than a solo battle. For families in which both parents and children assume the risk together, that is the truth. A potent synergy is unlocked by this singular situation: unshakeable inspiration and reciprocal motivation. When a parent sees their child’s burning ambition, their own hidden aspirations are reawakened. Because of their common experience, they are able to provide advice based on practical knowledge, and the child’s enthusiasm turns into a motivating factor that others find infectious. In response, the child gets much encouragement. The parent becomes a study buddy, a champion in their corner, and a living testament to the fact that learning knows no age limit. This fosters a safe space for vulnerability, where anxieties are shared and triumphs celebrated with genuine empathy.

There are some people who serve as inspiration. Together, they disprove limiting notions and demonstrate that ambition has no boundaries. Their story becomes a beacon for others, inspiring them to follow their dreams and cherish lifelong learning regardless of age. This collaborative effort is about more than just grades; it’s a symphony of a support system where motivation becomes a team effort and rewards are shared. Their achievement is evidence of the transforming power of familial relationships, as they take center stage not as rivals but as comrades. Their tale will have an impact well beyond the exam room, encouraging others to start their own educational and personal development journeys alongside the people they care about.


Shared Spotlight, Separate Journeys: Finding Balance

Although there is no denying the advantages of parent-child board exam experiences, managing shared stress calls for skill. However, managing personal aspirations and expectations can be challenging. Children may feel that their own goals are overshadowed by comparisons, and parents may find it difficult to avoid them. Keeping distinct identities becomes essential.

Practicing healthy boundaries enables success. Create dedicated study spaces, cultivate individual interests, and prioritize open communication. Recall that you are allies, not competitors. Respect each other’s unique paths and celebrate accomplishments. Growth is the focus of our shared journey, not grades, and it can only be achieved by respecting each other’s unique personalities.

The Rewards of a Joint Journey

Teenagers are frequently isolated on the board exam battlefield, forced to deal with challenges on their own. But imagine overcoming this obstacle with your parent by your side, experiencing triumphs and setbacks together. This collaborative approach opens up a wealth of benefits that go beyond personal accomplishments.


Each win becomes a collective celebration, etched in memory as a testament to shared effort. High fives after acing mocks, celebratory dinners after stellar results – these moments weave a tapestry of familial joy. On the other hand, failures present chances for mutual empathy. Late-night chats of support following a challenging test, words of encouragement following a low score—these mutual setbacks strengthen the network and create a lasting connection.

More than just academic results, this journey deepens family connections. Study sessions that last into the night become personal discussions that promote trust and open communication. Together, overcome obstacles strengthen the base of compassion and understanding, fostering an environment that is secure for open communication and vulnerability. This improved communication goes beyond the board exam experience and becomes an important life skill.

Ultimately, this shared endeavor is about more than just academics—it’s about creating lasting experiences, strengthening bonds, and promoting deeper dialogue. It’s a journey that makes an enduring imprint, a constant reminder that group accomplishments and the transforming power of support can result in bigger rewards than individual ones.

A Story Beyond Exams:

This is ultimately a story not just of exams and scores, but of a shared adventure in learning, growth, and unwavering support. It is proof of the power of inspiration and motivation, demonstrating that no matter our age or situation, we can reach our goals as long as we walk hand in hand with the people we love. Together, their spotlight emphasizes their personal journeys, the transformative power of familial bonds, and the limitless opportunities that present themselves when we choose to develop, learn, and dream together.


Authored By:
Tushar Chaudhari,
Executive Director,
Target Publications Pvt. Ltd.


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