Super 30 Founder Anand Kumar Announces The Opening of a New School in Bihar



In an exciting development for the education landscape in Bihar and beyond, Anand Kumar, the visionary behind the acclaimed Super-30 coaching institute, has unveiled his plans to establish a school in Patna, Bihar by 2025. This school aims to nurture students not only academically but also as well-rounded individuals with practical knowledge.

On this Teachers’ Day, Mr. Kumar announced to launch an enlightening eight-part series titled “The Anand Kumar Show” on a private news channel. This series will serve as a platform for Mr. Kumar to mentor and guide students preparing for various competitive examinations across the country.

“The first part of the series, debuting on Teacher’s Day, will tackle the pressing issue of students succumbing to the burden of high academic expectations, a problem tragically highlighted by recent student suicides in Kota, Rajasthan,” revealed Mr. Kumar.

Having recently garnered international recognition through a feature in a prominent Japanese business newspaper, Anand Kumar shared that he has long nurtured the idea of establishing a school. “By 2025, we will open this school in Bihar, the place of my birth and the origin of Super-30, which transformed my life. Our social media campaign for the school will commence next year,” he added.


Mr. Kumar envisions a school that departs from conventional educational norms, focusing on practical knowledge and hands-on learning. “This school will be distinct from traditional educational institutions in India. Students will engage in agricultural activities, carpentry, and other practical pursuits of their choice. The goal is to shape them into individuals well-prepared for real-life challenges, rather than turning them into mere bookworms,” he explained.

The Super-30 coaching institute launched in 2002, selects and trains 30 exceptionally talented students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to excel in the Joint Entrance Engineering Examination (JEE). To date, it has produced over 218 successful candidates for the IIT entrance examination, with many securing admissions to other prestigious engineering colleges across the country.

He emphasized that the proposed school would serve as an extension of the Super-30 coaching institute, focusing extensively on the holistic development of students within natural surroundings. “My intention is to groom them into responsible and compassionate human beings,” he affirmed.

When asked about his choice of September 5 for the TV show’s launch, he shared, “This date was chosen to reach out to millions of students through the program. While I won’t be teaching them directly, I will motivate and inspire them by addressing various issues that concern them in different episodes of the program.”

Anand Kumar’s commitment to transforming education and empowering young minds continues to inspire, and these new initiatives are poised to make a significant impact on the educational landscape, not only in Bihar but throughout the nation. His vision for a holistic and practical approach to learning holds the promise of shaping a brighter future for generations to come.




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