The journey of our modern parents is designed with ‘many unknowns and possibilities’.



On a warm, balmy evening, I sat down with a favourite book of mine that thrills me whenever I turn the delectable pages, Big Panda and Tiny Dragon by James Norbury. But, today, a new thought provoked my senses. Could I compare the journey of these two lovable creatures to the journey of our modern parents? You may find it eclectic but I will venture on this thought. So read on.

‘Change’, said Big Panda, ‘even if you don’t know where it will lead, is better than stagnation.’ ‘In some ways, the mind is much like a garden. It needs your care, attention and effort. Left to its own devices it will soon become overrun with weeds. And where there are too many weeds, flowers cannot grow.

We must take action. We shall go on a journey, across the river.’

For our parents the flowers that bloom in their garden, their children, need care, attention and effort. To keep these flowers blooming and carefree, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. They navigate the numerous pitfalls like weeds that keep rearing their ugly heads as they raise their child. In the course of this journey, they learn valuable life lessons and become better versions of themselves.


As the journey progresses, I come across the big storm that the two creatures face.

‘Even the greatest storms will pass.’……’but some situations, we cannot change and should try to accept as they are. That acceptance brings with it great peace.’ Big Panda’s advice.

This fierce storm that Big Panda and Little Dragon face are the obstacles and challenges that each parent also face and which they must overcome. The act of balancing work and family life, dealing with financial and work stress, coping with the pedagogies that are out there and make the right choices are the challenges of parenthood that they must navigate. Modern parents also learn the importance of self-care, the power of patience and cooperation and the need for support and a collaborative community.

As the journey continues, I start wondering about the little things in life that we do not pay heed to but take for granted.

I’ never imagined I’d have been so grateful for food and drink,’ said Tiny Dragon. ‘It’s funny,’ said Big Panda, ‘how simple things, when seen with fresh eyes, can often bring the most happiness.’


Big Panda, Little Dragon and modern parents share small moments of pure joy in the company of those they love. They also share a common goal. They strive towards providing a safe environment for those they love and care for. Quality family time over weekends, happy family celebrations on occasions, a movie night with baskets of popcorns and a happy school choice with support and commitment always.

After their long and perilous journey, they returned to their home and the Tiny Dragon thanked the Big Panda.

‘What for’, asked Big Panda. ‘I went wrong so many times, and every time you were there for me. You never judged me, left me or scolded me.’ Big Panda hugged the little Dragon.

Modern parents like parents down the ages are always there for their children, without accusing them, shaming them or judging them, but teaching them that love overcomes all burdens. The sheer joy of a family restores all faith.

And as Big Panda says and our parents echo the same thoughts to their children- ‘as long as we’re both here, we’ll keep helping each other and we will find our way’.


The journey of our modern parents is designed with ‘many unknowns and possibilities’. It is a journey of a lifetime of happiness. So, live the journey.

About the Author – Ms. Sudeshna SenGupta, Director, Academics, Vedanya International School


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