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Shaping Tomorrow: Unveil the Power of Liberal Arts & Science at LASSI2024. Dive into India's pivotal symposium for a concise, impactful journey through Liberal Arts education. Engage in masterclasses, keynotes, and case studies that bring to light the core, challenges, and worldwide prospects of Liberal Arts. Gain clear insights, address misconceptions, and celebrate success stories demonstrating the vital role of Liberal Arts in shaping the future. Enhance your knowledge, make informed choices, and equip the forthcoming generation for a promising future. Start your transformative educational journey with us today! Below are focused highlights of what LASSI2024 will cover:

Unlock the Potential

Understand the critical importance of Liberal Arts and Social Science in shaping versatile, well-rounded individuals.

Global Perspective

An insight into Liberal Arts education across India and the world – what sets them apart?

Core Concepts Unveiled

Dive into key theories and concepts of Liberal Arts and their undeniable relevance today.

Overcoming Hurdles

Tackling the challenges and barriers to integrating Liberal Arts in Indian education.

Breaking Barriers

Why is Liberal Arts not widely accepted? Analyzing and addressing the root causes.

Myth Busting

Clearing up misconceptions and concerns about Liberal Arts education.

Top Colleges Showcase

Listing and profiling leading Liberal Arts colleges in India and globally – their programs and impact.

Success Stories

Presenting case studies and success stories of individuals thriving with a Liberal Arts background.

Professional Impact

How Liberal Arts education has transformed careers and lives.

Research Insights

Summarizing ground-breaking research findings on the impact and significance of Liberal Arts.

Forward Thinking

Proposing actionable recommendations to boost Liberal Arts education in India.

Skill Development

How Liberal Arts fosters essential skills for the next generation’s leaders.

Modern Relevance

Showcasing the resurgence and modern-day relevance of Liberal Arts.

Informed Decisions

Assisting parents and students in selecting the right college for a Liberal Arts education.

Global Horizons

Navigating global opportunities for higher education in Liberal Arts.

Friends of LASSI

Our Host Partner

Good Shepherd International School Overview


The Good Shepherd International School (GSIS) is recognized as one of India's best schools. It was founded in 1977 by the late Dr. P.C. Thomas and Mrs. Elsamma Thomas. Originally known as the Good Shepherd Public School, it became an international school of the highest calibre of learning in 1995. Dr. P.C. Thomas and his wife, Elsamma Thomas, both started their careers as teachers themselves, which inspired their vision and goal to create the best educational institution where a child can learn and grow.

The school's motto is "Truth, Trust, and Triumph," and students are encouraged to practice secular and ethical values in an atmosphere where every creed and faith coexists in harmony. The students are educated in a way that helps them flourish in an environment without inhibition and prejudice in any form. GSIS offers three renowned curriculums: Cambridge IGCSE, ICSE & ISC, IB Diploma, IB Primary Years (PYP), and IB Middle Years (MYP). The school aims to set high standards of excellence in academics, sports, and co-curricular activities, and the students and staff share a vision to scale new heights in the field of education.

Nestled in the serene Nilgiris Hills and spread over 150 acres, the picturesque campus provides the ideal environment in which to learn, play, grow, and develop the skills for a lifetime of learning. Located about 7000 feet above sea level, the weather is cool and temperate throughout the year, with each season distinctly experienced, making it an ideal setting for children to play sports and enjoy nature and many outdoor activities.





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