Teacher Warriors 2022: The Inspiration We Need

This year, we bring stories of nine Teachers Warriors for our readers. These are ordinary men and women who have attempted and accomplished the extraordinary.



If statistics are to be believed, about 360 million students in India experienced disrupted access to education.

Teachers decided to brave it all, adapting to the latest education technology (edtech), with the aim of providing quality education to those in need.

We at ScooNews, annually felicitate Teacher Warriors who set a strong example for the rest of the world.

These teachers are the inspiration and encouragement the education world needs today.


This year, we bring nine Teachers Warriors to our readers. These stories are of ordinary men and women who have accomplished the extraordinary. They did not set out to change the world, become saviors, or power a movement. But unwittingly they have done just that, one mighty challenge, one dogged endeavor at a time.

Their driving inspiration? Quality education is the key to social transformation and the fundamental right of every child – not just every advantaged child.

Our Teacher Warriors cohort for 2022 includes:




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